Dorset Venus Awards 2016…

If you had told me a year ago, even six months, that I would be sat here writing this particular blog I would have given you a very funny look and sent you on your way.

However, last week I was stood in a line of semi-finalists for the Dorset Venus AwardsBusiness Mother of the Year”, sponsored by Talbot Heath.

venus line up.jpg

by the lovely Zelda of (I’m on the far right!)

You can VOTE HERE by ticking the box next to the name… hopefully Kerry-Rae Pocock!

So for those wanting to know a bit more about ‘me’ and what I do, or even why you should vote for me to win … Here is some of my story…

First and foremost I’m a Mum. While I have a loving support network I am a single mother of my two children who are 7 & 5 years old and for the most part it is just me. After my marriage ended in 2012 I took some life changing decisions to leave my job, sell our house and move myself and my children to Dorset to start again by the sea.


Sometimes life takes you by surprise and things change and as hard as the disintegration of my marriage was, it opened new doors and forced me to redevelop my life plans. Like every relationship that fails, it was a painful tearing apart of a built life in the beginning. However, I decided to take control of my future, took the time to consider what was really important to me, what I wanted for our lives and importantly took time to heal.

When I first moved  I was not used to my new schedule. Having been employed since I was 16 being a stay at home mum was an eye opener! I started studying again whilst the kids were at nursery and asleep. First counselling skills then moving on to life coaching.

A year ago my youngest would be starting reception in September and by December 2015 I had decided that I wanted to work for myself. I wanted to maintain the work/life balance that I believe is so important to families and following my passion, training and experience. And so in 2016 my company Make a Space was born.

I am a (APDO accredited) Professional Organiser  and CPCAB qualified Life Coach. I work with clients in their homes and work spaces to help them move forward, to decide what they want to achieve and ‘make a space’ for it. It might be the process of reducing your belongings in preparation to down size, or that they want to create a home office or a nursery without moving, or that they are just feeling a bit off track and need some support to get life in order.

As my company has grown and developed so have I. I continue to learn and stretch myself, always pushing myself to develop personally. Being a lone parent is tough but it also has positive elements (I do have a habit of always finding a positive in every situation!)

As I have got significantly busier with the business it has challenged me to practice what I preach as it were – that it is all about balance. You can’t have, and do it all, but you can have and do what matters most to you. You just have to realise exactly what that is.

For me it is my children first, and a close second is having a job that lights me up. Having my own business meant that I can chose to run charity swishing events for the amazing Lewis Manning Hospice, Go to sports day, have a business meeting on the beach, and help a client make space in their life for things that light them up – all when I chose to…and sometimes all in one day!

As if that wasn’t enough in May I also decided to become a stylist with Stella & Dot, as an add-on to my own business. This was not something I expected to do but I was so inspired by the creativity and talent of the designers and just fell in love with the company ethos.

In short, I am busy mum who aims for balance and joy in her life on a daily basis and who supports and attempts to inspire others to find this too. I would love your vote to win this award, however, even if I don’t win I hope I can inspire someone else who feels trapped in their current situation, to someone out of balance that you can regain your centre and keep building towards all you desire. That it is possible to make space for the life you want.

The public vote runs for a week from Tuesday 19th July 2016 and you can VOTE HERE just tick the box next to my name (Kerry-Rae Pocock) … Thank you for your vote!

a Venus